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Fundamentally can be divided into three parts.

Part One: Service

Serving safety, freedom and truth in a time when such concepts are often muddled up for selfish ends.

Part Two: Free

Have an event, a company, service, or article you would like to promote?

In short, want to advertise or market, it is all free to you.

Naturally reserves all the rights in the known galaxy to reject anything.

Part Three: Clean

Serving safety means comments, events and surfing here will be clean.

Absolutely no lynch-mob, cussing or flat-out being mean will be tolerated.

Varying viewpoints from Atheist, Agonist and even Amoral individuals are encouraged, sought after and protected. Even Christian viewpoints, in spite of the State of Washington’s efforts to debase such beliefs are tolerated.

Like To Serve?

If you would like to write can article, post a up-coming event or communicate your viewpoint – then is for you.

Please provide details on your point.

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