Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney / Proof?

Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney / Proof?

…integrity of our judicial system… [reference article below]

Empty Arguments

Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney is offering up a straw dog position – easily eaten by a donkey.

Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney prove the judicial system has any integrity.

Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney if, as a prosecutor are going to talk about evidence, prove with evidence that the United States Judicial system has any integrity left.

No one calls for justice; no one pleads his case with integrity. They rely on empty arguments and speak lies; they conceive trouble and give birth to evil. (Isaiah 59:4)

The fact so many individuals are in prison because of false confessions is overwhelming evidence. The fact that prosecutors invent, i.e. lie about scenarios to gain convictions by fooling juries demonstrates that corruption is the norm.

Texas Bar Association

“…wants to fight that fight with the state bar of Texas…” just listen to the bully talk, bullying away.

Prosecutors around the country put innocent individuals behind bars, keep the exonerated on lists, fabricate storylines, use liars, deny the most basic of lawful legal rights because they can bully away.

It is as if all the schoolyard bullies have found their playground and these bullies will bankrupt you into a guilty plea. Prosecutors around the country have destroyed family after family, man after man and one legal right after another because they are bullies in the most classical sense of the word. The evidence is everywhere.

Why? Not because they care about truth, moral logic or basic constitutional rights but because they have bullied themselves into a position that satisfies their lust to power-up on others. The evidence is overwhelming from cops that lie, to beat-ups when arrested to twisting and turning of legal words in upon those weaker than themselves.

Because of Prosecutors injustice is now a fact of the legal procedure system and so Patrick Wilson can bully away even prayer while continuing the hypocrisy of prosecutors around the United States.

No doubt the Texas Bar Association will squash any humanity out of others to enhance the privileged protected prosecutors. After all the laws are perverted towards prosecutors, the guns are pointed at the defendant and all the money is put into the prosecutor’s prosecution pockets. Integrity?

Such pride is nauseating.

You who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground   (Amos 5:7)

From Texas to Washington State Prosecutors Seek To Destroy the Rule of Law For Power Gains

Cheating Justice

Prosecutors have for years been cheating at justice and using the media to lynch-mob their cases. The cases of prosecutors around the country persistent in fact-less prosecutions is astounding. It is this kind of self-boasting that have completely corrupted prosecutors around the country. Ever heard of a prep walk you sly dog?

  • So full of empty arguments is the judicial system they have had to make themselves exempt from prosecution.

Oh, that each trial were only about the facts. But, alas, Kepple doesn’t even get this and when I talked to him on the phone it is easy to understand why he doesn’t have any functioning ears.

Shall we go on with the “laws” by which you steal property and lives from citizens you have sworn to protect. Patrick Wilson your argument is a lie – how about conducting a trial, with only evidence on the “integrity” of the judicial system?

The judicial system has been using an insane number of “laws”, interchangeable positions and outlandish razor thin excuses to promote an out-of-control judicial system that no reasonable person, finds, well, reasonable. Indeed, one could bet that at least a third of those in insane asylums sneer at this straw dog bark.


What an empty argument that is easily provable a lie.

Indeed, prayer is the only thing left because Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney is hiding behind a corrupt judicial system.

Both Patrick Wilson and Robert Kepple are from Texas2Rob Kepple, Executive Director of the Texas District and County Attorneys Association Texas District & County Attorneys Association 505 W. 12th St., Suite 100 Austin, TX 78701 – a state where they subpoena sermons, put people back in prison because they didn’t get it right the first time and put innocent individuals to death – all while such prosecutors are exempt from prosecution. 1Ellis County District Attorney 109 S. Jackson St. Waxahachie, TX 75165


In Washington State they unleash teams of prosecutors to shut down non-state approved churches.

See Prosecutor Mark Larson at

Opinion unto righteousness / Timothy Williams /

Wednesday.17.August.2016 / Enumclaw Washington

Article Reference

(—Wilson says Griffith knows better and is hiding behind religion. “Prayer has nothing to do with this. The right to free speech has nothing to do with this” says Wilson. “This has everything to do with maintaining the integrity of our judicial system. And if he wants to fight that fight with the state bar of Texas, good luck.”


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial, and Facebook postings have stirred-up a hornet’s nest in  Ellis County.

It starts with Waxahachie lawyer Mark Griffith, who  doesn’t mind telling anyone he prays for help before court, during a trial and on Facebook.

It’s the Facebook part that is at issue, another new twist in the odd world that social media has created.

Twice, in separate trials, the Ellis County District Attorney’s office has convinced judges to stop Griffith from posting running commentary of a trial in his prayers on Facebook.

“No lawyer is allowed to make running commentary in the public forum regarding witnesses, the character of witnesses, the opinion of the guilt or innocence of defendants or suspects in criminal cases.” said Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney.  He claims it’s basic legal ethics.

The argument doesn’t hold water with Griffith.  He contends his office has a history of tweaking the DA in criminal cases, and he sees the argument over his prayers on Facebook as an effort by the District Attorney’s office to throw him off balance.

“I can assure you he’s not going to” said Griffith.  “What he attacked was my firm’s personal Facebook page and prayers mentioned by me prior to trial and during trial.  And there’s not going to be a motion, and there’s not going to be any order from any court, that’s going to keep me from praying and asking for God’s wisdom as I’m fighting for his children.”

Wilson says Griffith knows better and is hiding behind religion.  “Prayer has nothing to do with this. The right to free speech has nothing to do with this” says Wilson. “This has everything to do with maintaining the integrity of our judicial system. And if he wants to fight that fight with the state bar of Texas, good luck.”…

Griffith plans to appeal.  “I am not going to give up my faith.”