Governor Jay Inslee / Education Budget Overload

Governor Jay Inslee / Education Budget Overload

breathtaking smorgasbord – The Seattle Times  [reference article below]

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

As with any smorgasbord everyone is going to overeat and become fat thanks to Governor Jay Inslee‘s education feeding frenzy.

Governor Jay Inslee in typical liberal bully tactics is purposing a Public School budget full of computers, iPads and the never ending supply of Social Workers. Never-mind the science, stats and proof of a decaying society – damn be it all if it promotes Governor Jay Inslee and the libertine talking heads. Anything but productive hard work that betters Washington State for everyone – not just the gays. Just as Judge Susan Graighead who has sooo much time on her hands that she can travel around promoting bias babel for Governor Jay Insleee without the slightest qualm.

That The Seattle Times approves – well – nothing new there.

Remember, The Seattle Times idea of “reasonable” is Satanist Clubs and Perverted Pees in the bathroom of choice while denying the rights of religious freedom. Talk about a waste of undisciplined time.

That so many individuals, a product of Public School nonsense cannot understand the definition of “reasonable” and “sustainable” is self-evident. (See Obama’s debt)

Here is the science Governor Jay Inslee just in case the corruption in King County Courts is not enough…


Bonus: If Governor Jay Inslee is serous about education – tighten the budget by removing the iPads and etc. Ever heard of pencil, paper and getting along with everyone hard work Governor Jay Inslee? Now, now, off to the college coloring sheet corner.

Lesson: Governor Jay Inslee’s education budget is not about education – it is a sinister method of indoctrinating your children minus the courts. If it were about education the first, and only, lesson would be in economy of monies and indoctrinations.

Warning: Governor Jay Inslee is sly to produce a fat budget for public school manipulation so that any trimming looks like a responsible cut.

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Article Reference

(—GOV. Jay Inslee’s bold budget plan proposes multiple choices for Washington state to finally resolve its education-funding crisis.
The breathtaking smorgasbord of tax-and-spend ideas Inslee unveiled last week outlines some interesting proposals as the Legislature begins crafting a reasonable and sustainable solution.