Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongful convictions, long regarded as statistical anomalies in an otherwise sound justice system, now appear with frightening regularity.

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Aw, but, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Seattle, Washington State, states that only 20,000 are innocent who are in prison.

Of course, when Satterberg had a Freudian slip  while giving the speech he stated closer to the truth of “200,000.” Later Satterberg had to clarify on his blog post. The slip was a rarity from publicity pumping prosecutors and the only way you will hear the truth from King County Prosecutors is by a slip of the tongue.

King County Prosecutors are out of control thanks to judges like Judge Lori K. Smith, they can ignore any ruling she states and go on their merry lynching way.

You certainly will not find Judge Susan Graighead on her “high horse” about the fact Prosecutor Satterberg defies Federal Law. Why should she when Satterberg has her back?

King County Prosecutors and their buddy court system have been undermining any laws that get in their way and the innocent are daily suffering because of it.

Judge Lori K. Smith, Prosecutor Nicole Weston, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Mark Larson: Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) of King County Washington State manipulated a hate crime.

See hate crime below.

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(smile.amazon.com)—Recalling the great muckrakers of the past, an outraged team of America’s best-selling writers unite to confront the disasters of wrongful convictions.
Wrongful convictions, long regarded as statistical anomalies in an otherwise sound justice system, now appear with frightening regularity. But few people understand just how or why they happen and, more important, the immeasurable consequences that often haunt the lucky few who are acquitted years after they are proven innocent.
Now, in this groundbreaking anthology, 14 exonerated inmates narrate their stories to a roster of high-profile mystery and thriller writers – including Lee Child, Sara Paretsky, Laurie R. King, Jan Burke, and SJ Rozan – while another exoneree’s case is explored in a previously unpublished essay by legendary playwright Arthur Miller. An astonishing and unique collaboration, these testimonies bear witness to the incredible stories of innocent men and women who were convicted of serious crimes and cast into the maw of a vast and deeply flawed American criminal justice system before eventually, and miraculously, being exonerated.
Introduced by best-selling authors Scott Turow and Barry Scheck, these master storytellers capture the tragedy of wrongful convictions as never before and challenge listeners to confront the limitations and harsh realities of the American criminal justice system. Lee Child tells of Kirk Bloodsworth, who obsessively read about the burgeoning field of DNA testing, cautiously hoping that it held the key to his acquittal – until he eventually became the first person to be exonerated from death row based on DNA evidence. Judge John Sheldon and author Gayle Lynds team up to share Audrey Edmunds’ experience raising her children long distance from her prison cell. And exoneree Gloria Killian recounts to SJ Rozan her journey from that fateful “knock on the door” and the initial shock of accusation to the scars she carries today.
Together, the powerful stories collected within Anatomy of Innocence detail every aspect of the experience of wrongful conviction as well as the remarkable depths of endurance sustained by each exoneree who never lost hope.