Trix Tweets

Trix Tweets

Avid Trix consumers are becoming increasingly vocal on social media in their criticism of General Mills’ decision to remove all artificial colors and flavors from the recipe, with some users describing the resulting cereal’s dull colors as “bulls—“ and “disgusting”-looking.

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(—“We wanted to make sure they were still fun vibrant colors that we are providing and the fruity flavor that kids expect,” General Mills cereal developer Kate Gallager told ABC in a 2015 interview.
But the ingredients General Mills now uses in place of artificial coloring — spice extracts like turmeric and natural fruit juices — still leave a lot to be desired for those craving brightly-colored food. The company has previously admitted that they had not yet found suitable substitutes for their green and blue dyes.
And yes, Trix fans are taking notice. Some are even taking umbrage with the taste since General Mills has removed artificial flavorings and corn syrup, though most of their outrage is centered on the cereal’s less-than-vibrant shades: