Mystified / Trump / Evangelicals

Mystified / Trump / Evangelicals

Real quick.

There is no reason for anyone to be mystified why Evangelicals support Trump whose social issues are at odds with the Bible.

While neither for or against Trump, the reason Evangelicals are for Trump is because this is the last gasp for air.

Two Things In Place

1. Evangelicals know that the courts, prosecutors and politicians are actively destroying their values threw straight attacks or betrayal.

When Prosecutors like Mark Larson of King County Washington can so openly show contempt for evidence and jugularly attack Christianity as Judge Lori K. Smith sat there, the last grasp for air is all Evangelicals can hope for – enter Trump.

2. That social issues are lost and the church is powerless to know how to fight back.

Seattle Police Gay ZoneWhen the Seattle Police are enabled by Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to abuse the law by such support for the gay lifestyle then all know there is but one last gasp for air left until the police come, arrest and beat up those who merely hold to the Christian faith.

The evidence is already in that Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team, assigned by Minster of Justice Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will tromp on evidence and only use emotion to attack, vilify and destroy the good of others that do not support their cause.

Note the fine print of other’s rights according to the Seattle Police – sounds just like Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s lip service to humility and legal speak. Insincere, corrupt and manipulative.

When Seattle Mayor Ed Murry receives room service from the Seattle Police for “feeling threatened” while Prosecutor Dan Satterberg protects his chosen hate crime everyone understands why many are for Trump as President.

If Enumclaw Police Chief Jim Zoll have figured out what to give Satterberg and Detective Grant McCall is let loose to use the State of Washington to attack another church one knows that Trump is all that is left. (And I am neither for, or against Trump)

One can only laugh at what would happen if you applied for a sticker to preach against homosexuality or applied for a job at the Seattle Police. But I digress.

All That Is Left

All that is left is one’s living room. The police, courts and prosecutors have pushed Christianity behind walls and if Trump does not win Evangelicals know even the living room will be stolen.

All that is left are secure borders, livelihoods and basic protection of one’s family. All of which are now on the chopping block. Thus, a drowning man is not worried about his ethics, he only wants enough air to live. Trump, so far, is offering the United States a chance to breathe again in their minds.

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do ?” (Psalm 11:3) : opinion that counts |  Friday, January 22, 2016