Judge Alex Kozinski / Rebukes King County Prosecutors

Judge Alex Kozinski / Rebukes King County Prosecutors

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Washington State, King County Prosecutors Corruption is Rampant Crossing Over Into Case After Case See Hate Crime at www.hardtruth.us

Judge Alex Kozinski to name names of King County Prosecutors doing their normal misconduct in the name of the law. [reference article below]

It is easy to understand why King County Prosecutor David Seaver got King County Judges to keep in secret what Enumclaw Detectives did for their corruption machine in their steamroller State of Washington Approved Hate Crime.

Indeed, other local police departments helped to cover-up Enumclaw Police’s, er, misconduct. Lying and manipulating to help protect the corruption oozing out of Enumclaw Washington – no wonder King County  Prosecutor Seaver‘s wanted it all kept in the dark.

They may call it “misconduct” but it is really injustice that destroys the good in the land. In fact what King County Prosecutors are doing is a crime.

How do we know?

If King County Prosecutors would put the normal citizen in prison for such actions, then it is a crime, indeed, more of a crime when Prosecutors commit such actions.

The short of it, the corruption of King County Prosecutors perverting the law is spilling out everywhere.

Since Judges and Juries no longer care about the rule of law these Prosecutors turn up the flames for their witch-hunts.

No wonder, the you-know-who, knew they could bulldoze their hate crime through-out the State of Washington.

The short of the short is, King County Prosecutors are a mess and it is time Prosecutor Dan Satterberg pick-up a broom and clean house. That is, if the house doesn’t need demolishing and the one picking up the broom isn’t the dirt-bag.

You will know that I am the Lord , when I deal with you for my name’s sake and not according to your evil ways and your corrupt practices, O house of Israel, declares the Sovereign Lord . (Ezekiel 20:44)

On the spiritual side of things, it would be best that King County Prosecutors not wait for God to clean house.

Now, where have I seen delays, misinformation and a slew of corruption from King County Prosecutors? See hate crime below.

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Enumclaw.com : opinion that counts |  Friday, March 25, 2016

Article Reference

(prosecutorialaccountability.com)—At trial, Shaw deflated Frost’s duress claim, testifying that Frost giggled when he spoke to Shaw about the crimes after-the-fact. Shaw acknowledged that he had made a plea agreement about his unlawful possession charges, but he made no mention of the domestic violence charges. Moreover, the prosecution only put into the record an unsigned copy of the one plea Shaw disclosed; it turned out the signed copy was actually different because it contained a handwritten reference to the domestic violence case number. Over five years passed before any member of the defense team ever learned of the undisclosed plea agreement.

Judge Kozinski’s majority opinion first explains why the Ninth Circuit should consider the Petitioner’s prosecutorial misconduct claims. The lower court ruled that Mr. Frost was prohibited from presenting the claims because he did not raise them in a timely fashion. But, the majority opinion points out that Mr. Frost—without a lawyer at the time—diligently and repeatedly requested the information that the prosecutor’s office originally concealed. In response to those requests, the State continued to provide inaccurate and incomplete responses, which forced Mr. Frost to present his misconduct claims late. He only learned fully about Shaw’s plea agreements after a lawyer was appointed to represent him on his habeas petition, after the filing deadline had already passed.

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