Greenhouse : 10 Things

Greenhouse : 10 Things

10 things to include in your greenhouse
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The dream of a greenhouse is hard to deny, with rows of healthy plants growing happily together indoors. But once you have the structure in place, what’s next?

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Much of the desire for a greenhouse, or gardening, can be traced back to man’s first call to work.

 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. (Genesis 2:15)

Bonus Wisdom:

Uh, for all you Generation X folks, for which work is considered a factor for a guilty verdict in a trial, the image below is not a greenhouse.

She needs to get off her tush and do something productive.

This is not a greenhouse. It is a yoga outdoor den.

Unless she is meditating on God’s law, which is doubtful, it is called idolatry.

As a side note: Do you know how much fun it would be to wait, wait and then go “Hey, mom.”, then wait, wait, “Hey, mom.” Or, better yet, at just the right moment to command the dog to “Get get tush Terri in the greenhouse.”

Oh – yea.

You can keep your spandex and yoga …I will meditate on that which is infinitely full of wisdom.

I lift up my hands to your commands, which I love, and I meditate on your decrees. (Psalm 119:48)

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[proverbs 18:2]

Friday, December 29, 2017
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(—Beyond the Basics

Your greenhouse can be as elaborate as you want, including turning it into a garden room. But, if you just want to move beyond the basics, here are some ways to start.

Upgrade the flooring. A dirt floor is an easy-care option, but you can also add pavers, which can provide added stability for benches, or gravel to keep it from getting muddy. Lay down landscape cloth first to help keep weeds at bay.