Key To Feeling Younger

Key To Feeling Younger

Be Sillier For Long, Happy Life?
Study Finds Key To Feeling Younger Is Acting Younger
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 All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast. (Proverbs 15:15)

Bonus Wisdom:

For a movie, example see War and Peace – or better yet read the book.

In fact, everyone should read an ink and paper copy of War and Peace by Russian author Leo Tolstoy with its 1,225 pages,

  • Liberals need to read the book because it is so long it will keep them busy and thus not have time to destroy society.
  • Conservatives need to read the book to keep them busy so they don’t hang society with their tough-on-crime self-righteousness.
  • Children in High School need to read the book because they will actually learn to read and use words above their station in life.
  • Those getting ready to serve on jury duty might learn to think and consider diligently governments and their injustices.
  • Everyone else needs to read the book because there is enough soap opera aspects to keep them in fantasy land and out of everyone else’s business.
  • To the rest, to the other few, read it taking every thought captive for Christ and you will find benefit hidden in the pages.

Later, when he is in the barracks with other prisoners of war, Pierre learns he had been officially pardoned. A caressive sing-song voice addresses him and the words penetrate Pierre’s numbness.”Ay, darling, don’t grieve,” says an old man from the corner,”Trouble lasts an hour, but life lasts forever.” The man sits hunched over his knees, a dog next to him, and the round peasant face characterizes the roundness of his entire aspect.

This is Platon Karataev, whom Pierre remembers for the rest of his life while he hardly recalls the other prisoners. Influenced by his new acquaintance, Pierre’s soul finds a new world to replace the one destroyed at the firing squad — a world of new beauty which rests”on new foundations that cannot be shattered.” – Cliff Notes, War and Pace


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Saturday, January 6, 2018
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(—LONDON — It’s hard to ignore tired feet and that constantly-achy back as we get older, but a new study finds that a key to a long life of good health and always feeling younger — no matter our age — is to simply act younger from time to time.

Researchers from Healthspan, a supplier of vitamins and health supplements in the United Kingdom, polled 2,000 British adults on the effects of nostalgia and youthful behavior on mental and physical health.

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“Perceiving ourselves as younger than our age is linked to a more future-orientated outlook, which means that we make better health choices such as engaging in exercise and healthy eating,” says psychologist Dr. Meg Arroll in a press release. “The findings of this survey support previous research that has shown nostalgia boosts our mood.”