Lonely Land

Lonely Land

Loneliness is felt most intensely by young people, according to the largest ever survey which found that turning to Facebook does not help. The survey of 55,000 people found that 16-24 year olds experience loneliness more often than any other age group. Two in five of those within this age group reported feeling lonely often or very often, compared to only 29 per cent of people aged 65-74 and 27 percent of those aged 75 or older. It found that people who report feeling lonely have more online-only Facebook friends than those who do not.

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What a Friend that found me!

While many may prove to be a fiend there is one who in your loneliness ensures you are never that alone.

His speech is most sweet, and he is altogether desirable. This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem. Song of Songs 5:16

[ Bonus Wisdom ]

Those who know the Friend are filled with His holiness thus their friendship is no play-thing.

Some friends play at friendship but a true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin. Proverbs 18:24


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(telegraph.co.uk)—Claudia Hammond, the presenter of All In The Mind, told The Telegraph that she believes the research points to an “epidemic of loneliness” while challenging the notion of Britain as a nation of isolated pensioners living alongside highly social, tech-savvy youngsters. “I wondered whether there is something about the stress of modern life, or young people’s ability to cope with it, that makes them feel lonelier. Or is youth simply a time of life when people feel isolation most keenly?,” Hammond asked. “To help them to connect with others, young people today have social media. They are more connected than ever before. But this can bring its own problems. If you’re feeling lonely, looking at pictures of other people appearing to have endless fun isn’t going to help with those feelings of isolation.”