Movie / The Divorce Party

Movie / The Divorce Party

Release Date: February 14

“Don’t commiserate, celebrate! When one young man’s world is turned upside down by a divorce, he will struggle to embrace his brand-new life in The Divorce Party. Gravitas Ventures delivered the Dramatic Comedy to select theaters, as well as VOD and Digital HD, on Friday, February 8, 2019. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!”

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  • “The Divorce Party is a dramatic comedy that tells the story of Nate and Susan Brown, a married millennial couple in their mid-twenties. When Susan suddenly realizes she’s miserable and wants a divorce, Nate packs his bags and heads for the nearest hotel. He soon discovers that he has been completely abandoned by all the former “friends” who had only related to him as only one half of a married couple. He enters a lonely slog through his newly single life. But when a recent divorcee, Katie, offers to help Nate organize a glitzy “divorce party” to celebrate his new status, Nate starts to warm up to his new life and finds new friends and new wisdom, and finds that new love may be waiting at the end of his ordeal.” [The Divorce Party (2019) – IMDb]

Just in time for Valentines Day 2019, a propaganda movie in favor of evil is coming to a theater near you. Also available on Blue-Ray DVD.

As violence in the land and movies increases so goes faithfulness to one’s spouse.

This is not a comedy but a sick perversion of happiness.

Nor is this therapeutic but hurt numbed with a tempory fix.

The movie Divorce Party is poison for the soul concluding with everlasting death.

For I hate divorce, says the Lord, the God of Israel, and covering one’s garment with violence, says the Lord of hosts. So take heed to yourselves and do not be faithless. (Malachi 2:16)

Instead of getting a divorce repent and give all to God.

Already divorced? Repent and surrender to the mercy and will of God.

Talking about getting a divorce, instead of making a lawyer rich, give all to God. 2So therefore, none of you can become my disciple if you do not give up all your possessions. Luke 14:33

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Seemingly at random, one afternoon Susan returns home from work to confess that she’s miserable and wants a divorce. The soft-spoken and easily agreeable Nate is flabbergasted, and his entire existence is turned upside down. Moving into a local hotel and joining a support group for divorced men, he struggles to cope with the upheaval in his once flawless life. One evening at a swank bar, while nursing his wounds with alcohol, he runs into an old friend, Katie (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz: Rings 2017, Revenge 2018), who after the dissolution of her own marriage has undergone a truly stunning transformation.

A former wedding planner turned accountant, the feisty Katie urges Nate to embrace his new life: to stop commiserating and start celebrating his newfound freedom and independence. With her urging, he agrees to an epic divorce party, one that will set the tone for his bachelorhood and close the book on his marriage once and for all. As the pair set out to plan this shindig, Nate will begin to usher in the newest chapter of his life, one in which he can finally start to learn his own wants and needs and, quite possibly, find love again.”

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1 Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz … Katie Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden … Jan Claire Holt Claire Holt … Susan Thomas Cocquerel Thomas Cocquerel … Nate Todd Lasance Todd Lasance … Chad Lane Garrison Lane Garrison … Colin Tom Wright Tom Wright … Sacks Mark Famiglietti Mark Famiglietti … Jake Will Brittain Will Brittain … Nick James DuMont James DuMont … Charlie Rushi Kota Rushi Kota … Young Executive Gerald McCullouch Gerald McCullouch … Alex Zoe Myers Zoe Myers … Brunette Max Silvestri Max Silvestri … Dan Lindsay Ayliffe Lindsay Ayliffe … Husband Bethany DeZelle Bethany DeZelle … Sandy-Haired Woman Jason Looney Jason Looney … Steve Dandy Barrett Dandy Barrett … Wife Heidi Christina Baynard Heidi Christina Baynard … Party Girl 1 Jim Gooden Jim Gooden … Ed Jordyn Cavros Jordyn Cavros … Mya Anthony Vance Pierce Anthony Vance Pierce … Art Gallery Patron Glenn D. Bridges Glenn D. Bridges … Indian Restaurant Patron Andrel McPherson Andrel McPherson … Bartender (as Channin McPherson) Joy Medeiros Joy Medeiros … Sabrina (as Joy A. Medeiros) Brandon Herron Brandon Herron … Coffee Shop Regular Sam Ikhwan Sam Ikhwan … Married Guy Nital Patel Nital Patel … Waitress Bash Hussain Bash Hussain … Rajasthani Singer Devin Hansen Devin Hansen … Bar Patron (uncredited) Jeremy Sykes Jeremy Sykes … Bar Patron (uncredited) Produced by Ron Eli Cohen … co-producer / line producer Paresh Ghelani … producer Ryan R. Johnson … producer Samone Norsworthy … associate producer Sunil Perkash … producer Kent Purdy … associate producer Martin Sprock … producer Music by