Horoscope Apps

Horoscope Apps

“The planetary placement data on Co-Star comes straight from NASA and the astrological musings are written by AI. Getting a detailed natal chart done is normally an extensive and expensive experience, but Co-Star does it in a couple of clicks for free.

The app has a social component that lets you see how the stars are treating your friends and lovers. And if you turn on notifications, be prepared to find out that the forecast for “your day at a glance” can be harsh but true.”

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“The app has a social component that lets you see how the stars are treating your friends and lovers.” Whoa, idolatry of the stars and gossip! Who could ask for more sin from a horoscope app?

Because of this evil will come on you, which may not be turned away for any price: and trouble will overtake you, from which no money will give salvation: destruction will come on you suddenly, without your knowledge.  

Go on now with your secret arts, and all your wonder-working, to which you have given yourself up from your earliest days; it may be that they will be of profit to you, or by them you may put fear into your attackers.  

But your mind is troubled by the number of your guides: let them now come forward for your salvation: the measurers of the heavens, the watchers of the stars, and those who are able to say from month to month what things are coming on you.  

Truly, they have become like dry stems, they have been burned in the fire; they are not able to keep themselves safe from the power of the flame: it is not a coal for warming them, or a fire by which a man may be seated.  

Small profit have you had from those who, from your earliest days, got great profit out of you; they have gone in flight, every one straight before him, and you have no saviour.
Isaiah 47:11-15


Reviewed Unto Righteousness
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“Daily Horoscope does what it says in the name and then some. Aside from daily horoscopes, there are monthly, weekly, and yearly forecasts; a personality guide for each sign; and a guide to compatibility between signs. Daily Horoscope also has a yearly outlook for Chinese and Druid horoscopes.

One nice feature is that you can change the look of Daily Horoscope, both for aesthetics and ease of reading. Change the home screen so that it displays your favorite aspects of the app together, for example. And if you absolutely must know the outlook for the day before you leave the house but are forgetful (that’d be you, Pisces), set a reminder in the app.”

[The Best Horoscope Apps for Astrology Fans | PCMag.com]