Charlize Theron | Hyocrite | Kiss

Charlize Theron | Hyocrite | Kiss


“Charlize Theron didn’t hide her feelings while appearing on a French talk show, “Touche Pas A Mon Poste.”

On Tuesday, the actress scolded the program’s presenter Cyril Hanouna after he kissed her female interpreter onstage without her permission.

The 43-year-old was on the show to promote her new movie, “The Long Shot,” and looked shocked after the moment happened. So much so, she spoke up and said, “Wow, maybe ask next time?””

[Charlize Theron scolds French TV host for kissing female interpreter: ‘Ask next time’ | Fox News]

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Miss Charlize Theron is a fresh grade A hypocrite.

How about Miss Charlize Theron asking permission from moral parents before dressing as if you are in the bedroom to parade your arousing sexuality before pre-teen and teen-age boys maturing into manhood. Thereby wrapping their sense of sexuality and kissing inappropriately. Shocking as it might seem Miss Charlize Theron you might try treating others as you desire to be treated.

It is you Miss Charlize Theron and your kind of low-moral women who have seduced a world and you are shocked at an unwanted kiss on the cheek?

Please ask permission Miss Charlize Theron from the Holy God that made you before prostituting your sexuality with seductions and violence.

The unwanted kiss Miss Charlize Theron is what you have been advertising for and you have no logical, moral or reasonable foundation to object because someone bought what you were selling.

Does Miss Charlize Theron, aka, Atomic Blond, really believe the lie she will escape God’s raging fires of punishment for her lewdness on and off screen?

The sinners in Zion are afraid; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites:

“Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire?

Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?”

Isaiah 33:14

I have a good mind to cancel our date Miss Charlize Theron if you do not start dressing modestly.

Miss Charlize Theron sins have so confused fact based reality that good-old-unmarried-mommy is raising her 7 year old boy as a girl.

  • “Theron, 43, made headlines last week when she revealed in a new interview that her seven-year-old child Jackson identifies as a girl The Academy Award-winner said Jackson was born a male but revealed to her four years ago that she was actually a girl.” [Charlize Theron scolds French TV host for kissing female interpreter – NZ Herald]

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“The “Atomic Blonde” star is an advocate in the #MeToo movement and spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about women’s empowerment. “The amount of traction and the amount of women who are being empowered by other women to step forward and actually speak their truth, I know in my life I’ve never seen anything like that,” she said.

“I think success for us as women is going to come out of the support that we give each other, out of not stopping this moment. This is a rock rolling down a mountain really fast, and I’m quite enjoying watching it,” Theron added.

French broadcaster Canal+ did not immediately respond to Fox News’ requests for comment.”

[Charlize Theron scolds French TV host for kissing female interpreter: ‘Ask next time’ | Fox News]