Life or Death Cologne

Life or Death Cologne

Those following hard after Jesus are anointed with a fragrance they cannot control. You cannot force God to annoint you with the fragrance nor can you stop the fragrance from filling a room.

The spiritual man or woman who walks into a room will experience something beyond their control.

Before they have spoken a word, expressed an action, without having said a thing about “religion,” a visceral reaction will take place.

As it is with perfume bought in the marketplace, so it is with the fragrance God sprays upon those who are obedient. Enter a room, and all react to the fragrance.

Some, perhaps a few call it the Fragrance of Life. Others will gut-react that something stinks. Often exclaiming, “What an ungodly smell!” Indeed, those who once enjoyed the fragrance of life if they return to their life of sin begin to vomit at the smell.

Be you anointed with the Truth,

Be you anointed with self-sacrificing love for Jesus,

Be you anointed with purity, holiness, obedience and a separation from the world’s ways,

You will smell with the fragrance of Christ.

Such a fragrance cannot be gotten rid of unless a person denies Jesus.

Alas, most who claim the Name are not anointed, they merely wear Cultural Christianity‘s bargain basement imitation perfume. Follow the crowd and you will forfeit the abundant life.

Don’t let those who call the fragrance Death keep you from the Life of God’s perfume.

For we are to God, the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.

To the one, we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life.

And who is equal to such a task? Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit.

On the contrary, in Christ, we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God.

(2 Corinthians 2:15-17)

Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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Timothy Williams